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 -- Depth Rules --

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PostSubject: -- Depth Rules --   Sat Mar 24, 2007 10:38 pm

Depth has it's own little addition to the rules, along with the general rules --> All of these will be followed, or you will get a warning pretty quick.

1) Do not act retarded. I don't want you posting asking for love advice.
2) Be accepting of others opinions. There is a difference between being a close-minded jerk and politely disagreeing.
3) Any discrimination of any sort is not tolerated. If you want to get on my bad side, this is a quick way to do so. You will get a warning and most likely a posting suspension for this, and you are eternally watched by me.
4) Do not repost things from other threads. I don't care about how your forum banner isn't aligned right, you can whine to the people in GFX Help.
5) Explain yourself. Don't just start or reply to a thread saying 'I don't like war'. Why? Depth Discussion is to put your thoughts and ideas on the table. Don't be afraid. We are pretty nice here.
6) Have fun. This shouldn't be an edgy place. Just follow the rules, and nothing bad will happen.
7) Oh, be sure to be literate. I don't think anyone wants to spend an hour trying to figure out what you are talking about.

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-- Depth Rules --
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