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 PHP: Using PHP to Draw Pages

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New Otaku
New Otaku

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PostSubject: PHP: Using PHP to Draw Pages   Sat May 05, 2007 6:19 pm

Okay, so you have your website all up.. and you dont want a new html file for every page on your site.. Well there is a simple way to solve this.. heres how..

Step 1: Create a folder called 'pages' in the same folder as your website..

Step 2: Open up your index for your site (make sure the file ends in .php)

Step 3: In your index, Go to the part where your content would be displayed. and put in this code:

$page = $_GET['page'];
if ($page == '') {
    include 'pages/home.php';
} else {
    if (file_exists('pages/' . $page . '.php')) {
        include 'pages/' . $page . '.php';
    } else {
        include 'pages/home.php';

Step 4: In your pages folder make a file called home.php and fill that with your homepage content ex, 'Welcome to the site!'

Step 5. For everypage you want you just make a file in the pages folder called whatever.php

Now once you have done that.. to draw those pages. all you have to do is goto.. http://your website here/index.php?page=the-page-name

Well i hope you guys can understand my weird tutorial >.>
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PHP: Using PHP to Draw Pages
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