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 PHP: Functions

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New Otaku
New Otaku

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PostSubject: PHP: Functions   Sat May 05, 2007 6:12 pm

Okay, so you have a bunch of php code that does the SAME THING, and you dont want to keep copying and pasteing it.. So.. you make a function ;D

Heres an example redirect function..

function redirect ($url) {
header("Location: " . $url);

redirect is the function name, and ($url) is where you set the vars that are passed to it..

So.. you have this function.. but how do you call it? Easy!


Alright so lets say you want a function to call someone something... it would go like this..

function callname ($who,$what) {
echo $who . " is a " . $what;

So now you would call it like this..

callname("Blueangel","hawt chick.");

And you would get..

Blueangel is a hawt chick.
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PHP: Functions
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