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 PHP: Header/Footer

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New Otaku
New Otaku

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PostSubject: PHP: Header/Footer   Sat May 05, 2007 6:04 pm

Ok so lets say you have a bunch of php files and you want your design on all of them but dont want to have all the html code in eatch.. Well its easy...

Make a file called.. header.php

In that put all the HTML above where the content goes on your site..

Then make a file called footer.php

In that file put everything under the content area..

Now, when you want to have a page with your design all you do is make a file.. ex, index.php

And put:

<? include 'header.php'; ?>
Blahblah your content here >.>
<? include 'footer.php'; ?>

And thats it!
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PHP: Header/Footer
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