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 Thoughts and Realizations

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PostSubject: Thoughts and Realizations   Wed May 02, 2007 4:51 am

I will actually put them up based on topic. These are just a few believes and realizations I have had.


"We are Born into this World, screamin and cover in Blood, and the Fun doesnt have to stop there."

There are many ways you can view birth. Personally I consider it "the Chance of a Lifetime". Some might consider it luck. Luck that is was you in the form of a sperm that made it to the egg first. Others might say it is nature. Based off the assumption that it is nature that caused your parents to breed. You could say it was an Act of God if your religious or fate or destiny if your not. Either way, that believe is that supernatural forces compelled your parents towards each other and eventually led to you. Still there are others that might call it a curse. They are taking into consideration that some "horrible" or "repulsive" people like Jeffery Dahmer and Nicholai Dzhumagaliev were born. Or they might be suffering from depression or may even be suicidal. Either way, birth gives you a chance to quest for knowledge and self-actualization.


Pain is a truly marvelous and beautiful thing. It lets you know that you are still alive. It also lets you know that you aren't numb. Thats great reassurance. Then there are the people who may be Sadistic. For them, inflicting pain on others is a great turn-on. Even more so, Masochists are people who enjoy pain or find it sexually arousing. For those people pain is a wonderful thing. Pain also does other things. Emotional pain, such as the pain of losing a loved one, brings people together. That causes them to put differences aside and share a love for a person or the like.


"We born to die."

It's true. Technically we were born to die. As depressing and pessimistic as it sounds. Think about it, The moment you were born, your lifespan began ticking down. You are gonna eventually die someday. Sometimes people die before their time due to tragic events and natural catastrophes. But that can't be help. Some people believe in life after death. The thought of an afterlife is a very comforting idea. Because looking at death as a final point in life can be depressing. What if there is no afterlife? Game over, no retries no respawns, no continuation. The idea of an afterlife gives people a sort of hope that this won't happen. Then there is the people who believe in Reincarnation. Reincarnation is the believe that you will return to earth in another body after life in case you didn't know. That also gives people the comfort that life will continue. Personally, I believe death is a journey that we are all destined to take. We shouldn't worry about it. Just let it happen. After all, it is the "Final Release" from the chains that hold you to your earthly body.


Stereotypes are in a grey area. They can be good and bad. Stereotyping often leads to bullying and starts a chain of events that may lead to depression, suicide and schoot shootings. That is one of the example of why it is bad. It also brings up feelings of discrimination and causes us to shun other humans just based of appearance or actions. But stereotyping has a good side too. Sometimes stereotyping certain types of people allows us to stay safe and keep us away from pedophiles, rapists, sexual predators, gangs and criminals. This proves that it has a good side. So altogether, I believe it fits in a grey area.


People discriminate against others for so many reasons now-a-days. Its disgusting. We as a human race will go out of our way to kill others or show hatred to them just because they are different. That isn't a pretty side of our race. It can be based off of so many things too. For example, Race, Ethinic Origin, Nationality, Gender, Caste, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Political Beliefs and Moral Beliefs are some just to name a few. What people fail to see is that everyone is part of the same master race. The Human Race and we need to work together to survive. I've had enough of this human bullshit. We even organise groups like the Klu Klux Klan to commit hate crimes. Thats horrible. I have trouble with this topic alot. I mean, seriously, we treat each other so horrible based on these things. People need to learn to get along already.

Moral Decline:

Our society is suffering from a moral decline badly. Kids now wear way too skimpy clothing at a young age. They dress like sluts even in grade 1 or 2. Its horribly disgusting. It's like they are trying to advertise something that isn't there. They are just asking to get raped. Sex has become way too morally acceptable. Kids at the age of 12 and 14 are already engaging in intercourse. Cheating has become a common place thing. No one is monogamous anymore. There are way to many more things to discuss for moral decline.

Self-Mutilation and Self-Harm:

Self-Mutilation and Self-Harm are also common now-a-days. I won't bash them. I fully understand many of their concepts. Cutting, Flagellation, Stabbing, Burning and self-poisoning are just some of the many forms. Some people attribute Self-mutilation to the stereotypical "Emo" image. Not everyone who is emo partakes in these practices. For some, self-mutilation is a way to "cut away" the emotional pains of life. For others, its a religious practice stemming back to around the 1600's. Even others consider self-mutilation a way for enjoyment or sexual gratification. Either way, it is a self-destructive habit.


Many people really want world peace. But there is one thing that they are missing. As long as there is discrimination, there will be no peace. In order for world peace to become a reality we need to get rid of religion, race, sexual orientation and gender issues. And I really don't think that will happen anytime soon.

Human kind:

Personally I hate the human race. We take pride and enjoyment out of the struggle and pain of others. Its appalling and we often don't notice that we actually do it. Think about it, last time you saw a little kid fall down or get hurt for doing something stupid, did you laugh? Who doesn't now-a-days. Its in our nature to delight in the suffering of others. Horrific isn't it? How we can just stand here and do it. Also, think back to ancient times. When two human groups met each other and noticed that they were different. Do you honestly think they spoke of peace? More likely that they assaulted eachother. This is probably because it's human nature to fear and hate what we don't understand.

Thats a good starter for conversation. Let the Discussion begin.
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Thoughts and Realizations
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